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 disaznkiids GM app

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PostSubject: disaznkiids GM app   disaznkiids GM app I_icon_minitime12/17/2008, 8:21 am


Real name:Daniel Lee



Why i should be GM:i love helping people with there needs and i also know lots of codes and commands

Do you have a past experiance?Yes i was GM of Skyviewstory and PlanetExpressMS

Why should i be GM?Like i said i love helping people

How would you react to a hacker?first id tell admin then if he tells me to ban him/her ill ban him

how would you react to a spammer?i would jail him for about 5min?

How about some1 thats begging for stuff?Jail for 5min?

Any comments?I LOVE THIS SERVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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disaznkiids GM app
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