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 MY GM app :) (XRainBowsX)

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MY GM app :) (XRainBowsX) Empty
PostSubject: MY GM app :) (XRainBowsX)   MY GM app :) (XRainBowsX) I_icon_minitime12/22/2008, 1:40 am

Helllllo this is MYYYYY application.


Age: 15


Job i am Applying for: GM!

Why Pick me?: Well i am a nice person and serious person and i like to have fun and be silly.. and i would like to make sure that FateMs is the best Server everrrrr, and i would love to help others out

What would you do if someone was hacking?: 1 i would tell them you have just screwed yourself up because hacking really messes you up and playing the game the normal way is way better then cheating and 2 . i would ban them.

Describe yourself: Im a fun loving person i love people Razz and im really silly sometimes and you can count on me anytime to do something that you need me to do! Smile and i will be anybodys friend if they are in need or are just down.

Would you Abuse your powers as a gm? : Noooo im a trustworthy person and i would never do that to any game.

What would you do if you were picked?: I would be soooo happy i would thank everyone! and i would make sure that everyone votes for FateMs and make sure that new players come everyday!

hehe thats my app hope i am picked!
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MY GM app :) (XRainBowsX)
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