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 GM app for itzGavin

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PostSubject: GM app for itzGavin   GM app for itzGavin I_icon_minitime12/24/2008, 4:14 pm

Name-Gavin D. Hyatt



how long have i played MS-2years now lol

how long on private servers-4months

Play time- about 8-12 hours every day except for holidays lol =p

how to reach me-Hyattgavin@yahoo.com msn me on that to

Why i would be a good GM- I would be a good GM because i know how to code in basic C++ lol i prefer not to if i do but i can i like hosting events i have been a gm in 4 other sites lol so i am expedi will help keep hackers out of your server lol i will host events and i will be a pretty good GM i am good at telling what a hacker is and i love to help peopleout with stuff showing people out around the new server i also am recruit i bring atleast a good 3people in a day on my other server i did lol so Plz Consider MY app i will try my Best to be a good GM i do not get upset easly i do take being a GM as a JOB lol so yea

what would i do to be a good GM- i would be a good GM becuz i am C++coder i can make webpages lol i can host events i am a good person if you want help with anything i love to help out i love to host events i like helpping out servers i do donate so basic stuff
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GM app for itzGavin
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