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 my gm app Woot

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PostSubject: my gm app Woot   my gm app Woot I_icon_minitime12/30/2008, 12:59 pm

IGN:Might Be Coke or something elnse like abc123 or wolf
Age: 16
Location: U.S. (Timezone GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Languages: English and a bit of spanish (Highschool Spanish Class)
Know bits of coding, took a class last year for HTML, Javascript, and C++.
Experience: Well, I first started playing ms on GMS during beta and became close friends with one of the GMs there and kind-of became his "assistant". I would help him in any way possible, find hackers and such. I did that until almost a year ago and then decided to move onto private Maple servers. I have been the GM of three servers so far and been a forum administrator 5 times. The total time of being a gm and administrator was probably about 11 months.
Was a GM in servers:
PearStory: (Currently GM)(Server inactive and under construction)
FlyHighMS: (Before it shut down, now re-opened)
SmileyMS: (Still running)
SmileyMS: (Server's falling apart, not real active) I stepped down as a GM there because there was another player that I knew quite well and he could handle responsibility. I had mentioned him to the Admin several times and he told me that he couldn't have him be a GM because there were no open slots availiable. I offered to step down as my position there as a GM to give that player an opportunity to do his part. He's actually done quite a good job so far from what I've heard. I was already kind of getting annoyed with that server because everybody started doing their own thing, there's people that advertise all over the forums for non-ms related stuff. The Admin wouldn't do anything about it either.
DeathMS: (Shut-down)

Incentive/Why I would be a good GM: I really wish to become a GM because I found that this is a fun server and I'd love to help out in any way I can by helping people out with problems, stopping hackers, and keeping things under control. I feel that if you keep things under control and keep it fair, everybody will enjoy the game much more and have a fun time. The previous server I was in was Maple Island and I left because it became over-run with hackers and there weren't really any GM's on most of the time plus I always got blamed for doing something wrong. The owner wiped the server clean and offered me a position as a GM but I thought it would be more worth it to find another good server and I stumbled here.

Time availiable to work: I'm usually availiable to play during the weekends for anywhere between 3-6 hours a day and during the week I get almost every or every other night for 2-6 hours. I just started my two week Christmas break and I have spring break coming up soon and I'm availiable to play almost the whole time.

Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon!
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my gm app Woot
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