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PostSubject: Melon's GM App   Melon's GM App I_icon_minitime12/31/2008, 7:11 am

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Firstly, I understand that I probably have a lower chance of getting chosen for these positions since I am new to the community. However, I am applying anyways, since I want to be of any help. Also, you may choose to disregard these for now, and re-read them when you feel comfortable with me.

Anyways, now to the application part.

-Name : Keval Patel

-In-Game Name : Melon

-Age : 15

-Location : Maryland, USA. (EST Time Zone [GMT-5])

-Language(s) : Primarily English, With a little french on the side. I also speak fluent Gujurati, but I doubt there are many Guju's on the forums

-Skills : Well, I guess a skill here would be my experience. Other than that, I have no coding skills what so ever. I have been a GM on a total of 5 servers (Probably low for the average user nowadays). However, while GMing on these servers, I realized how to work efficiently, work under someone, and help out those in need. Some sources of my prior GMing experience includes SuzanneMS, MapleRoyals, [The old]AppleStory, AngerfistMS, and DignitasMS. At Dignitas, I was also a Co-Admin. http://www.dignitas-maplestory.tk/

-Why do you want to be GM? : Well, I want a new home. I want a new server, which I can be with from beginning to end. And what better encouragement than to be a GM. It will give me responsibility, and a reason to do what I love to do. I love to help others. I am part of my schools "Key Club", a community service club. It allows us to help the community in real life. And while I am not helping in the real world, I would love to help in the virtual world.

-Why do you think you will be a good GM? : I think I would be a good GM because of three things. First is my experience. My GM experience isn't the average 1 week stand. Small, struggling server trying to get on its feet, but closes down in a week. No. Some (actually, only AngerFist) of the servers still continue to exist today. But why not stay there? Because I don't like the community. They are not friendly people, which is why I came here. I read a little on the forums, and was attracted to how the people like to help each other. And that brings me to number two. In return for the help they give each other, I want to help them out. I want to help everyone, with whatever they need. And thirdly, I want to set an example. I want others to think, "Hey. I want to be like that GM on ___MS, and help everyone out to." I believe that this is the best gift that one can give to another. The gift of being an example.

-How are you active?(hours per day) : With all my classes,clubs, etc. occurring on the weekdays, I tend to be on less on the weekdays. Perhaps an hour or two per day. However, on the weekends when I have nothing to do, I can usually be on between 3-9 hours a day.

Oh, and one more thing. I noticed that a lot of your GMs are Singaporean, Malaysian, etc. Since I am from the US, I wouldn't mind helping type things in a little more legible English, seeing as you will be getting a lot of traffic from America. :]
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Melon's GM App
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