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 Kingofall's GM application

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PostSubject: Kingofall's GM application   Kingofall's GM application I_icon_minitime1/3/2009, 1:33 pm

Kingofall’s GM application
NAME: Steve
IGN: Kingofall
TIME ZONE: Eastern (USA)
HOW LONG WILL I STAY: I will stay as long as the server is fun and as long as possible. I love to learn about different servers. I love you server and hope to be on it a while.
HOW DID I FIND SERVER: Google sites, YouTube™️, and server lists like ultimatetop200,gtop200,and many more.
WHY I WANT TO BE GM/ PICK ME: My duty will be to keep the server (or if you say otherwise) as good as possible so we can have fun without lagging of disconnecting. I would love to help ban hackers and to help new members. I am very nice and love to help people. I can also do events and I am a great learner. I always try to follow rules and be nice to other GMs. I have played many other servers that are very good. I have also played the real MapleStory©️ for a little while (over 1 year). I have also been to many summoning parties hosted by GMs and I know that u should not summon a large amount of monsters (depending on servers summoning capacity). I have also used many summoning bags and know not to summon more than one. I also have seen a server that has a horntail sac that summons 3 or more of them. If that is a problem I would advise people not to summon it if it lags the server. I will try to be kind and never fight with other GMs. I can also help with website forums and other website information. I can post whatever you need me to. I also love to talk with people if they are not feeling good and I try to make them happy. I also try not to annoy people in anyway. I will be as dedicated as I can to the server and help you in anyway. I have a handbook and can get another. I usually print off the codes and have them ready when I need them. I am usually very organized (or at least try to be). I would love to advertise as much as possible to get a lot of people to join. I also love to have fun and make others have fun too.
HOW WILL I HELP SERVER: I will follow rules and try to make the game as fun as I can without ruining it. I want everyone to have fun and enjoy your server. I will learn coding if you need me to by reading many guides posted on the internet. I could also most likely learn NPC scripting also from a few guides I read earlier back. I would be happy to post guides or links onto the website or forums. I would try to post almost every day if someone new has posted and I will alert forum moderators if there are any problems. I will also post any bugs/errors if there are any with the server.
HOW TO DEAL WITH: -New members- help them and teach them about server rules.
-Hackers-Ban them. Use ban commands.
- GMs- Be kind and respect them and make sure they follow rules.
-Anyone else: make sure they follow rules and have a great time.
EXPERIENCE: I have made a v.55 server for me practice being a GM and have played many other versions. I am currently using v.62 and v.55 but will change if I am considered for any GM spot (if needed). I have played many server and spent plenty of time talking, listening, and GMs on some of the servers I have played. I have played over 20 different private servers to see new facts and information and try different repacks and version of MapleStory©️. I am not too experienced with coding but im sure I can learn if I read up on many guides.
WILL I LEAVE IF DENIED A GM: If the server is good and kind and the GMs that have been chosen are nice I will try to play if you could please email me the website.
INFORMATION ABOUT ME: I love videos games and MapleStory©️. I also like to test stuff on computers and learn new stuff. When I do play I love to help people and make them happy. On some servers I host non- GM events and they allow me to do hog races, seek and find (while moving), and summon events (if the server has summoning bags). I go to as many events as I can. I do go to school and honors algebra is very long. I do get good grades and learn very fast. I have played other games like RuneScape©️ and I made a private server and website for it but I quit and decided to play MapleStory©️ private servers a while ago. I am a nice person and very helpful (I do not like people hacking if it is not allowed). I only know English so far but we have a Spanish class at school (this might not help me much with speaking Spanish).
CONTACT: If you want to consider me please email me at: sports-dude1000@live.com or on your server.
I hope you have a great and long lasting server filled with many people and nice GMs. I would like to say congratulations to anyone who becomes a GM. 
I have created this application with the rules of many other servers. If I have left something out contact me with my email and I will tell you what you need to know. Thank You.
P.S. This may look like Kevin’s GM application but we are bros and have learned a lot of this together. I have use this application on other website so please excuse extra information.
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Kingofall's GM application
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