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 Wes'es Gms Application =D

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Wes'es Gms Application =D Empty
PostSubject: Wes'es Gms Application =D   Wes'es Gms Application =D I_icon_minitime1/3/2009, 5:26 pm

Name : Wesley C.
Ign: ItsWes
Location Nj, U.S.A USA. (EST Time Zone [GMT-5])
Languages: im azn i speak madarin cantonese i speak english and a few others
What i know about being a gm: i know that sometimes it takes pacience to deal with maplelers sometimes, i know that you can abuse your powers, i know that you cant just ban random people just because you dont like him/her. i know that you have to be nice to maplers to get their respect.
Other Gm Skills : ive been gms on Death ms which is down and Evo MS dont worry i will alternate across these two gm jobs.
Why do i want to be a gm? i want to be a gm because i am the youngest in my family so i barly have control over anything so it kind of feels nice to feel like i have power over something other than chores and things, i dont like being pushed around like i do i school so if i see any people that dont follow the rules first is a warning then jailing then ban, i wont ban without a supirior giving me a ok
Activenis: i would play anytime i could like on long vacations week ends any after i do my home work so i will be on quite alot

Contact me @ LikeItsLuke@hotmail.com =D
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Wes'es Gms Application =D
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