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 Hellbird's GM Application

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PostSubject: Hellbird's GM Application   Hellbird's GM Application I_icon_minitime12/30/2008, 7:00 am

Name - Hellbird

Age - 16

Time zone - Eastern Standard Time

How many hours you play - If I have school, I could only be on for a maximum of 5 hours. On the weekends, I practically never leave my computer. I sleep in until about noon, but I stay up extremely late. So, probably somewhere between 8-12 hours, but I may be on even later than that. Right now I am in the middle of Christmas break.

Why should we pick you - I'm extremely unbiased when I make decisions, I don't fall out of line by disobeying the higher-ups, I am friendly when talking to people (Members or Staff), I'm a quick learner, I am an excellent typer, I would keep lookout for hackers, I have a great internet connection, I don't spam, and I can handle a little criticism without flying off the handle.

Past Experiences - I have been a GM in about 3 other servers in the past, and have never been fired. I have also been an administrator of a forum for over a years worth of time.

Other - I am easy to get in contact with, since I am always either in game, or signed on to my instant messengers. I have AIM, Yahoo and MSN. All 3 of them are Wojicoso.
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Hellbird's GM Application
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