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 Turtles Gm Application

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PostSubject: Turtles Gm Application   Turtles Gm Application I_icon_minitime1/6/2009, 7:22 am

Hello this is my Gm application I hope you are satisfied.

How long have you played MapleStory?

Well,I've play MapleStory ever since it came out of it's beta tests.

So thats about 2 years but right now it's almost 3.I have a level 102 priest but stopped playing and started to play private servers.I also know that MapleStory is 3 years old.

Name and Age?

I'm 18 years old and my name is Tommy Kash.

Why pick you as a GameMaster?

Well necessarily you don't have to pick me as a Gm,but I would appreciate it if you did.I can help people in the server,I know most things about Maplestory too.I've played for about 7 private server and the original server so I have tons of experience.

The names are SakuraMs(now gone)LightingMs(now gone)SoccerMs(My own server)HitsuMs,KawaiiMs,superstory(gone)bennyMs(gone)and CitrixMs.I would also help alot of people such as making them happy,and trying to make it awesome for them that they would never leave.No,I won't advertise the server because some people are not trustworthy and I know some servers that have been sued because MapleStory found out.

Contact Information

Well you can choose to pick emailing me (ccligerness@gmail.com) or meet me in the server because I will be playing.

How long will you play each day?

Well on the weekdays about 6-7 hours a day.

Over the weekends maybe 7-8 hours but not in the morning I have Soccer

Additional Information

You can still be able to see me in the game even if I do not become a gm and I will still be happy I tried but I do hope you choose me Smile Smile.Contact me anytime and Good Day To You Sir.
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Turtles Gm Application
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