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 xDorkiiee's GM Application (:

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xDorkiiee's GM Application (: Empty
PostSubject: xDorkiiee's GM Application (:   xDorkiiee's GM Application (: I_icon_minitime1/31/2009, 12:03 pm

*Game Master Application*

1) Name:
Jenny Nguyen

2) Age:

3) Hobbies/Interests:
Being with friends, music, and games.

4) Why do you want to be a staff for FateMS?
I honestly would like to be a staff because I feel that I can help the server of FateMS. Great people are apart of it, and I really want to be apart of how well this server is being run.

5) What experiences do you have in being a GM for a server?
I became a GM in iHeavenMS, which didn't last long because of the host.

6) Why should we pick you?
I am a very hard working person, and very helpful. I won't lie, I have my days where I get super lazy, but its pretty rare. I'm fully dedicated.. sometimes too dedicated. Another reason you should pick me, is because during the late night hours when everyone is sleeping, I'd be up because of my time difference. I respect all, and I'll try to be my very best at helping those who need it.

7) If hired for the job you applied for, what benefits will you bring us?
I will bring full dedication to the team, which I'm pretty sure a lot of the GM's are. I'm willing to learn. I'm also really patient with people, especially if they need help. I try not to judge others too.

Cool List the previous servers you worked with (background check).

9) Other additional comments and information about yourself:
I honestly hope to get the job, but if I don't, that doesn't mean I'll give up on the game. Like I said, I've always been dedicated to FateMS. Always have, always will.
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xDorkiiee's GM Application (:
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