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 Post all your GM Application here!

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PostSubject: DaDuche GM APP xD   Post all your GM Application here! - Page 2 I_icon_minitime1/14/2009, 6:21 am

[IGN] DaDuche
1. A )What is your name? Jose
B )How old are you? i am 16

2. What country do you come from and indicate your timezone.
Im from U.S.A. California(PST)

3. Do you have any past Game Master experience?
yes i do! i was a GM for darkage ms and aquastory but aqua was gettin a bit boring and people were not nice! lol and another one but i forgot the name of it
4. Are you a patient and a social person? Yes I am. I will explain more in the last question.
i love people! even if its off the topic, i like to here what they have to say! xD i am also very patient with people no matter how rediculous the ? is.

5. How would you interact and spend time with the players?
i would start some events and stuff... go to fm and see whos there. put a notice saying "come to..." so that i can get to know the community

6. Basic information about yourself.
Im mexican/white and i love techno! i love the game of maplestory and the community. Raves are the best but i dont do drugs what so EVER!!!!
im a person who lives life to the fullest and one u can open urself up to me xD.... and ya thats basicly it

7. A ) Do you speak fluent English? yes i do

B )Do you speak any other languages? i speak spanish, and a little french

8. Why should you be chosen over the others?
ill just say i dont see myself uptop others but if i where to get chosen... i'll just say u have picked the right guy for the job!

9. How do you handle newcomers and hackers?
newcomers i will help of course and give them a great outlook of this great server so that they can bring more poeple and so that they may stay.

10.How may we contact you?(i.e. E-Mail, Msn, Aim) AIM:josethebro Yahoo e-mail Spartank19@yahoo.com


hope to see u in the game!
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Post all your GM Application here!
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